Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biggest Lipoma Ever!

Ok, I know it's not the Biggest Lipoma Ever, but it's the biggest one I've removed in my short career. You probably can't really get the scale from the picture, but it's about 10x7cm. (I didn't take a photo of the incision because, well, it's not my best work.)

The small thing on the left is the remains of a little sebaceous cyst removed from the same patient. I've yet to excise one of those without rupturing the cyst - perhaps I should add that to my To-Do List.


Grim, Karen. But what is a lipoma? And where do you find them - on bodies I mean, not which aisle in the supermarket.

Oh God, I hope my adipose tissue never sprouts one of those!

There are plenty of lipomas walking about attached to obese Labradors. We sometimes remove lipomas that can be the size of melons, it's not big unless it's larger than a double FF cup breast implant.....

What the heck is the size of this! Really big indeed. Ah, our body is still a mystery, eh.

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